Picture of Assistant Chief Steve Hirjak

Assistant Chief Steve Hirjak

SIFIR President

Assistant Chief Steve Hirjak has been with the Seattle Police Department for 25 years.

While working through the establishment of a Force Investigation Team, in which he served as a commander for 4 years, Steve met with police executives from around the country and consulted with attorneys from the Department of Justice, noting a lack of varied and unbiased training for investigators in this newly emerging field. He also found that investigators lacked a network for furthering their exposure and perspective, leading him to create SIFIR. He was an internal investigator for 4 years and is currently assigned as the Interim Assistant Chief of the Homeland Security and Special Operations Bureau where he oversees a variety of units such as SWAT, Traffic and Parking Enforcement, the K9 Section, Harbor Patrol, city-wide special events, and the Arson and Bomb Squad. He has presented on the topic of use of force investigations to the WA State Legislature, the IACP Legal Officers conference, and to police leaders from around the world for the Department of State. He has also consulted with Law Enforcement executives from across the US regarding the investigation of use of force.