Picture of Capt. Randy Woolery

Capt. Randy Woolery

SIFIR Secretary

Captain Randy Woolery has been with the Seattle Police Department for nearly 29 years. During this time, Randy worked patrol as both an officer and sergeant, and also spent 7 years as a Fraud/Forgery detective. 

Randy was assigned to the Northwest Cyber Crimes Task Force at the Seattle Division of the FBI for 3 years and also spent 3 years on a precinct’s Community Police Team.  He first became involved investigating Use of Force during his assignment with the Office of Professional Accountability (Internal Investigations).  After being promoted to lieutenant, Randy was tasked with implementing the Department’s paperless administrative investigation, performance collection and use of force reporting system, IAPro/Blue Team, as part of the Department’s settlement agreement with the Department of Justice.  He continues to manage this system and is currently the Captain of the Force Review Unit and Chair of the Use of Force Review Board.  Randy has consulted with Law Enforcement executives from around the country regarding the investigation, reporting and review of uses of force.