Picture of Lt. Greg Weber

Lt. Greg Weber

Board Member

Lieutenant Greg Weber currently supervises the Albuquerque Police Department Critical Incident Response Team.

The CIRT unit takes sole responsibility for investigating and reviewing any serious uses of force by APD officers. The investigations look at the officer’s use of force as well as the overall incident from all perspectives: legal, administrative, training, policy, equipment, and supervision. Additionally, Lieutenant Weber serves as the primary point of contact on all force investigation related paragraphs of the APD’s Settlement Agreement with the Department of Justice.

Prior to taking on this role, he worked in both criminal investigations and field services for many years as an officer, then supervisor. He gained experience as the Interim President of the Albuquerque Police Officer’s Association for 1 year and as a board member for 4 years.

Greg is certified by the Force Science Research Center; he also holds certifications as a Control Tactics Instructor and Use of Force Instructor by the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. He has developed curriculum for and instructed APD internal training courses on several use of force related topics to include: first-line supervisory force investigations, internal affairs force investigations, interview techniques, legal analysis of force, and Blue Team.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and Education. Along with the certifications listed above, he has completed on-going education in police tactics and leadership from many leading providers, including: International Association of Chiefs of Police, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation, IPTM, and may others.