How to join SIFIR

Membership will now be extended to all who attend one of our conferences and stand-alone memberships will no longer be offered. Once you attend a conference, your membership will remain active for 2 years and will continue to be extended each time you attend a conference or training event. 


  • Access to SIFIR conference
  • Join a nationwide network of force investigators
  • Access to member directory
  • email address
  • Secure member forum for exchange of information and ideas with other members
  • Google Apps for Work account which includes 30GB of cloud storage and 25 person videoconferencing

SIFIR By-laws Article 2.2 states: In order to qualify for membership, a person shall qualify as a bona fide use of force investigator, evaluator, trainer, or reporter in the field of law enforcement. The person is not required to be a sworn law enforcement officer, but must have a public interest (that is, for the public good and not any particular political or personal interest) in the fair and unbiased investigation, reporting, or evaluation of the application of physical force by law enforcement officers. Such positions include but are not limited to: police detectives charged with investigating use of force, command level officers, use of force trainers, internal affairs investigators, force review board members, inspectors general, legal counsel, or other positions approved by the board upon application and review.