Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

The Society for Integrity in Force Investigation and Reporting (SIFIR) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization and is a registered  Washington state corporation.  SIFIR is governed by the laws of the United States of America and the laws of the State of Washington. Our federal tax identification number is 81-2655414.

SIFIR is a non-profit association of investigators that examine incidents of use of force involving law enforcement officers.  It is an educational charity serving to train these investigators.  Future expansion plans may include referrals, certification to our internal standards, and endorsements.  Our endorsement, referral, or any other action or notice of approval of any particular person, agency, training course, information, or any other entity serves only as a public service in the interest of assisting the public and law enforcement agencies in sharing information that may be incorporated by the user as they see fit under their own volition and under their own liability with no assumption of any risk by SIFIR.  Users of information or endorsements or any other information received from SIFIR understand that they assume all risk for any information used.  As most information is obtained from other sources or personal experiences shared between members, SIFIR cannot attest to the accuracy of information posted and does not serve as legal counsel or advisor in any way.  USER ASSUMES ALL RISK, EVEN IF A SIFIR MEMBER IS AN ATTORNEY AND SHARES ADVICE OR EXPERIENCES, UNLESS THAT ATTORNEY ENTERS INTO A PROFESSIONAL AGREEMENT WITH THAT USER.

Any SIFIR Certification or Endorsement only expresses that the information, referral, person, class, agency, or any other recommendation, meets guidelines created by SIFIR and does not mean that SIFIR assumes any liability (in fact, SIFIR expressly does not assume any liability) for implementation or use of anything referred to or certified by SIFIR. Any specific advice given between users is the responsibility of the individual users and not of SIFIR.  We strongly advise you to check any advice with an attorney in your locality.

All content copyright 2017 by the Society for Integrity in Force Investigation and Reporting except as credited to others.

For physical mailing of items or correspondence, we may be reached at: SIFIR, PO Box 24184,  Seattle, WA 98124