I have enjoyed the ability to network with investigators from across the country. It is helpful to learn that other investigators have encountered the same problems, and that we can provide each other with insight and helpful tools to overcome those obstacles and better complete our missions at our home agencies.

Lt. Tony Mullins

Great opportunity to gather and share information on best practices from other investigators across the country.

Lt. Dot Culhane

Consultation with peers and experts in the field of use of force investigation has provided me with valuable tools as a commander.

Lt. Kimberly Harris, M.Ed, NCC, LPC

Networking is the heart of any investigative process. SIFIR provides investigators the ability to share information and investigative best practices to further enhance effective and thorough investigations and maintain public approval.

Det. Craig Kaul

Department managers and investigators have an inherent obligation to ensure they are keeping abreast of and understanding the ever-changing advances in technological, forensic, legal, and academic processes relative to use of force investigations, especially Officer/Deputy-Involved Shootings. Having a unique forum where investigators from around the country not only discuss best practices, but also learn the intricacies of conducting these use of force incidents, which at time may be high profile, will undoubtedly help improve scene investigations, the interview process and the ability to thoroughly document an incident which we all know happens in the blink of an eye. 

Commander Bob Lopez